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Our Services

We are pleased to offer a variety of complimentary therapies and services for our patients. Some of these services include the following:​

  • Assisted Electro Lymphatic Therapy

  • Biofeedback

  • Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

  • Comprehensive Whole Body Thermography

  • Functional Blood Work Analysis

  • Lymphatic Therapy

  • For more information, contact us at 828-460-9000.



Are you tired of chasing symptoms? Are you sick of feeling like you can't keep up with your kids, get through a day, work without wanting to take a nap on your computer, or not attend events you would normally enjoy in the evenings because you just don't have the energy for it? 

Your blood labs, taken at your annual checkup, can hold the keys to why you don't feel amazing even when your results are normal based on the ranges listed on your lab reports. Let's look at your numbers through a much narrower lens of functional rather than acceptable.

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